Our Story

Legend has it that a tribe of friends, loved-ones and fellow burners gathered for a week of exploration, contemplation and participation at the now legendary Black Rock Desert in Nevada in celebration of humanity at its finest.

Under the twinkling gaze of timeless constellations, the past, present and future sparked a thousand and one stories shared amongst the tribe.

The tribe, made up principally of Australians, Americans, Mexicans and Dutch nomads shared their stories with one another over much laughter and cheeky banter. The camp leader, listening to a story from one of the Mexican nomads, said afterwards, “you are a legend”, to which he replied, “you are a leyenda!”

When asked what that meant, our Mexican nomad friend said: “A Leyenda is one who holds a space within themselves to be of service and to be a legend”.

And so the crew came to know themselves, and one another as “Leyendas”.
It was name calling at its finest, and the igniting spark of inspiration for the two creators of Hacienda de Leyenda that listened in to the stories that night. They imagined a retreat far away from the hustle and bustle of life that would encourage creativity, contemplation, exploration and cheeky banter amongst its treasured Leyendas.

HdL offers our visiting Leyendas an unparalleled premium luxury playground for your tribe to create a story uniquely yours. A utopia where legending begins.

Legends of a winter, spring, summer & fall – Here, you can create it all .
Welcome, to the legend of you.





Born in London to hospitality entrepreneurs, Gary has spent most of his career in marketing and advertising. He has lived in London, Sydney and now resides in Manhattan.

He is the founder and co-owner of a media communications consultancy in New York and Los Angeles, co owner of an Australian style cafe and coffee business and is focused on creating the Hacienda de Leyenda private retreats alongside his life partner, Liz.

They have been regular participants at Burning Man over the past four years and the genesis for Hacienda has come from their experience in the desert. He strongly believes in human connection and would like Hacienda to become synonymous with these deep connections we seek out and strive for in our lives.


Elizabeth originates from the great city of Pittsburgh and is a devout Steelers fan. After completing her degree at John Carroll University, Liz has spent most of her working career in client service and hospitality roles for companies such as WeWork.

Elizabeth prides herself on creating unique experiences that her clients can enjoy and be active participants at. Liz has helped with early start ups such as Pop Social (a social amplification photobooth company) and enjoys being of service to our guests needs.

Alongside Gary, her partner, Liz has been a leader at her burning man camp and thrives on the personal connections and relationships made in the desert and elsewhere too.





We are currently in the early stages of a search in Lake Tahoe, California, to create our first Pacific North-West retreat. We envisage a mountain retreat not dissimilar to our first retreat in West Saugerties, New York.

Our first international retreat is earmarked for the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, following the successful launch of the Lake Tahoe property.

Other locations being considered include the Caribbean as our first island retreat and the Byron Bay hinterland area in New South Wales, Australia.

The Founders are committed to the creation of up to six retreats around the world that focus on human connectivity, love and diversity celebrated in its many different forms.

We hope you will join us on this journey.